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Double Vanity Mirror is not complete without a light over it. It’s important not just to choose the right lighting to help you look at the same time as make-up, styling hair or shaving, but also lighting that fits properly over the mirror. A light that is too big can cause glare and one that is too small will not brighten up the room or face.

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Measure the width of the mirror and write the measurement down. Measure the distance between the Double Vanity Mirror and the ceiling. If there is not a large space, be sure to have space for the fixture. Beat a line with a pencil about 2 inches above the mirror at the top. Strike another line, parallel and above the first, to indicate where you will place the light field.

There are many opinions out there about the recommended height to mount a Double Vanity Mirror. The following shows that there are some things to consider when installing the fittings. There are no fixed rules about specific height rules and restrictions. With the help of a little planning and a lot of common sense, anyone can add new light to her bathroom. Turn on the power again and test light to make sure they are working. If they do not work, turn off the power again and troubleshoot connections.