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Contemporary table lamp – The lamps help us to complete the decoration of a house. This time, we will build an original table lamp, whose foot will with some boulders have acquired in a DIY center. A fast, easy and very entertaining work that will allow us to give a personal touch to the room in which to place the luminaries. To the bottom of this lamp we use a threaded rod and a few boulders. As the base will use a slab to which add some wooden blocks for legs? Connect the cable to the plug, switch and will pass the cable through the rile. After making all electrical connections, will the bulb, the tulip and bulb. Work will begin making a through hole in the center of boulders with a special drill and masonry drill. Also employ foot drill, which will allow us to deliver perfectly vertical holes. Once we have drilled all the stones, we will draw on the slab two diagonal lines to locate the center point. We put a piece of wood as a martyr under the slab that will make lamp base, and perform the through hole in the designated spot.

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The next thing we will do is to polish the slab with the help of a wire brush and then withdraw the dust was produced. We introduce the threaded rod in the center hole of the slab and place a washer on the bottom as a stop. Inserted in a rile boulders, good basis for that support each other well, to cover the desired surface and mark the cutting point on the dipstick. We removed the stones and cut the rod to measure, with a handsaw for metal and a miter box. To work more comfortably, we will subject the metal part and the miter box to the table with a sergeant. We return to introduce the rod into the base, put the nut, and give a few points extra-strong adhesive to set both the rile as the first stone at the base. Similarly, we continue to set the stones together to fully mount the base of the contemporary table lamp.

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It is the turn of the electrical installation. First, connect the cable to the terminals of the plug. We will make this task using a screwdriver. Then we place the switch, which in this case is controlled by introducing each cable into the terminal. We put the base of the bulb in the rile and once past the cable through the metal tube do the rest of the electrical connections. Now, put the lamp properly screwing it into its base. Introducing the screen in its position and put the clamp ring. Finally, place the bulb. To prevent the nut from damaging the table, we will raise the lamp base by placing slip double felts. We removed the paper backing and stick the pieces in place. Now, we can only place the lamp in the desired location, plug it in and verify that it works correctly. From a quick and easy way, we have a contemporary table lamp with a truly original stand.

Contemporary Table Lamps Ideas

Contemporary Table Lamps Ideas – A beautiful contemporary table lamp that fits into the interior determines to a large extent the atmosphere in your living room or dining room. Use a lighter shade if you want more light in your room and a dimmer switch for when you want to soften the burning table lamp.

In the assortment of contemporary table lamps find many different table lamps for any interior. For modern and contemporary interior Lampenier are popular and contemporary table lamps. Typical of modern lamps, the chrome and steel color, new forms and materials create a contemporary look. The traditional and classic interiors Lampenier have romantic and timeless designed table lamps.

It is important that you think about how it is perceived by the contemporary table lamps, so choose a table lamp at the correct height. Is the table lamp on a low table? Make sure you do not look too much at the light source and choose a table lamp with a small diameter at the top of the hood. Is the table lamp above? Make sure you are not too much against the fitting looks and choose a table lamp with a small diameter at the bottom of the hood.

Contemporary Table Lamps

contemporary table lamps – Welcome back in, I hope you and your family are always happy. On this occasion we will provide a variety of models for table lamp shade beloved dream home. If you happen to be looking for a nice table lamp design and in accordance with the interior and other home furnishings, it helps us see the following article for a moment. In choosing a table lamp of the suitability of design and function is a major consideration. If the minimalist design of the house is less suitable if attached is a table lamp with a traditional or classic hood, but in some cases may be combined. one example is the much-loved contemporary table lamps. The following table lamps that have the form of a contemporary concept.

Drums model , cylindrical shape which extends like a drum. The basic shape as used in contemporary interior design.
Empire model , conical shape with a cross section smaller than the cross section on the bottom.
Square model , form the bottom of a truncated pyramid in the middle.
Tube models, elongated cylindrical shape.
Trapered drums model, cylindrical shape lear. It is smaller cross section than the cross section below.
Square box models, elongated cylindrical shape.

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