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Pedestal End Table – A night watchman is one of the most basic types of furniture. Basically just a high table for a tube of some sort. You can make your own table using a main decorative pedestal available in most hardware stores. People generally use these pedestals for home decoration, but can be transformed into a table with only a few modifications. Make the table top and base of high quality plywood.

Posted on May 19, 2019 Sofa & Side

Instructions: 1) Select a decorative pedestal to use for the axis of the pedestal end table. It should be 25-28 high and solid wood or plastic inches. 2) Cut an 18 – inch circle from a piece of 1 – inch plywood with a jigsaw. 3) Use a router with a little rounding to give the cut edge of the circle a final round. 4) Lid above the circle and the router on the other side. 5) Place the pedestal on the floor face down. Place the wooden circle on it, centered on the center of the pedestal. 6) Drill four holes in a square across the circle and on the pedestal. 7) Thread four 3 – inch screws into the pilot holes to secure the circle in place. 8) Turns the pedestal end table. The circle will be your base. That’s all about end table.

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