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Round table clothes – While tradition dictates that you must use a tablecloth or place mats rather than the items together, you have the freedom to put a table in any way you choose in your home. Perhaps your dining table is worn or stained and want to hide it with a tablecloth. If you use a smooth cloth and then place modeled on the tablecloth or decorative round tablecloths, you can create a festive table for a special meal.

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Select a round table clothes without any pattern to use at the table a white round table clothes is the common choice for a formal table, tablecloth but any color will work to create the dining table you want. Make sure the cloth hangs about 6 inches on each edge of the table for the optimal sizing.

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Select round table clothes that match the theme of your dining table. For example, if you are setting a table for a birthday celebration, party tablecloths choose bright and bold colors. If you are setting up a dining table for a baby shower, round tablecloths choose pink or blue, depending on the sex of the baby expected. Place a round table clothes at each location. Set a plate on each round tablecloth and add a dinner napkin, silverware and drinking glasses around each plate.