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48 double sink vanity area a great addition to almost any home, and despite popular think it does not matter what size the bathroom is. It used to be that you could only enjoy the amazing combination of shape and function if you had a very large bathroom, but that’s not the case with today’s huge online access to bathroom vanity. Many homes just cannot accommodate a large double bed vanity and that’s okay because one of the newest and hottest items available online right now is a small double sink vanity. And going for the trim design of a modern style will make it much easier.

Posted on May 12, 2019 Double Vanity

Adding a 48 double sink vanity to your master bathroom is a real treat. It provides both parties who regularly use the room their own personal space. It allows for a shared storage space that is easily organized and because each person has their own drawers and sinks they can customize their area as needed or based on their personal needs and style. Furniture style double sink is really a great example of form that fulfills function.

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New 48 Double Sink VanitySize: 1524 x 1200

Modern 48 double sink vanity into a small room, the first thing you need to do is measure the space you have available. Small double rooms are available as narrow as 48 to 50 inches long. One of the ways this actually happens by having only one row of stacked drawers down in the middle of a single drawer on each side. The drawers are then also made a little narrower at 14 inches across. In this way the drawers are still useful and attractive, but they are managed in such a way that they do not add extra inches to each side of vanity.