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Mid century coffee table – tile selection; Basing tile range of new coffee table in the figure, the decor of the room where it will be displayed and the colors in your home. A variety of mid-century modern tiles are available from crafts tiles with geometric designs to penny mosaic tiles in bold colors.

Posted on May 10, 2019 Coffee Table

Look for a piece that follows the shape of the table edges to avoid making difficult cuts along the sides. If your piece has a raised edge around the perimeter, measure the depth of the interior and choosing a piece that is slightly thinner than the depth to give you a perfectly smooth when finished. Mid century coffee table – layout; Take the time to set up the tiles on top of the table before you start installing. The table gives a balanced look.

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Try restarting the setup from several different locations on the mid century coffee table and adjust it until you find the right look. Does one of the tables radiate outward, others from the middle of one side of the table, and a third layout from the middle of the page perpendicular to the first? When you find the setup that works best, take a picture for reference before removing tiles.