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Dark Wood Dining Table – If you have a mahogany table with light colored finish, you can give a dark finish. It is much easier to carry a light to Dark Wood Dining Table than the other one, not this first process does not need to be reached bare wood to remove the first termination. However, remember that the appearance of the actual completion may differ slightly from the color of the tin and you’re starting from a cabinet that has been colored.

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Use sandpaper intermediate grade and follows the grain of the wood. If you go against it, you end up scratching the dark wood dining table. Work with short strokes and continues until the entire piece is smooth to the plug and leave no trace of the clear coat. Use a soft damp cloth, like chamois to remove sanding dust and residue from the clear coat on the table.

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Apply the first coat of darker for mahogany stain. Use a brush and apply a very thin layer. Follow the grain of the wood, do not go against it. Back to sand the dark wood dining table. This time, use a fine sandpaper grade and just pass it around the table. You must do this for smooth completion of mania the second color layer from adhering properly.