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Bedside Table Lamps – Choosing a good light next to the bed is a must when planning and decorating the master bedroom task. You not always need here a powerful light on the ceiling. So find a nightlight for tables or small wall sconce to do this same function is fundamental. Will you know to choose well? Here is a small guide

Posted on April 28, 2019 Sofa & Side

In the master bedroom a single point of light is insufficient to cover all needs: reading in bed, get dressed, get up at night … So it is important to have several bedside table lamps or light layers that yield from a dim light resulting relaxing atmosphere and invite the rest to strong light to see well when dressing in the morning … Among these “layers” of light, light is very important bedside.

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There is a good bedside table lamps and another nonexistent, if I may use a little joke … With the non-existent, getting up at night to the bathroom can disrupt sleep of the person with whom you share bed to turn on the powerful Overall bedroom light. Or worse, become a little night gymkhana dodging furniture and objects without knowing what stumble moment … On the contrary, a good night bedroom lighting allows rapid on to see the time on the clock, get up without disturbing.

Ideal High for Bedside Table Lamps

How ideal high for bedside lamps table?  A bedside table lamps should be neither too big nor too small, should be a middle ground. The size of the lamp should be based according to the size of the bedside table on which it sits. According to William Miller Design, if your bedside table is 24-30 inches (60-75 cm) tall, the ideal height for a lamp is 27 to 32 inches (68-80 cm) high. If you have a very large and high night bed tables, you need more light on the scale to be visually appealing. If you have a smaller bed and bedside table lamps, a small size is sufficient. If your nightstands are much shorter than your bed, use larger lamps to match the scale. If they are higher than the bed, use shorter lamps.

Base height for bedside table lamps on the height and size of the tables and bed is for tables evening 24-30 inches (60-75 cm), opt for a lamp that is 27 to 32 inches (68-80 cm) high. If the furniture is big and tall, uses higher lamps. If the furniture is small and low, use shorter lamps.