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Concrete coffee table – Concrete is ideal for use outdoors where it is exposed to the durable material elements. A concrete table is a smart choice for use on a patio option rear because it can withstand heat and humidity without damage. The concrete panels can be expensive if purchased in a store of retail, but with the right materials can make your own table top is a relatively simple project at low cost.

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Concrete coffee table, mix the cement powder with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This can be done in an electric concrete mixer or by hand with a wheelbarrow and a shovel. The concrete should be mixed just before use to prevent harden before pouring.

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Concrete coffee table, place the steel mesh in the mold base surface of the table prepared to provide support for the bottom thereof. Mix the cement according to the instructions of the product in the mixer, just before you are ready to pour into the surface of the table. Immediately pour enough concrete into prepared pan to cover the mesh. If needed, use your fingers (gloved) to push the concrete cracks in the mesh, smoothing the top with the trowel.