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Changing table tray – A wicker tray bed is practically synonymous with phrase “breakfast in bed.” These trays come with wide legs so tray platform stands on its own, rather than forcing balance it on your lap as regular trays. These trays are much more innovative than it may first appear and have other decorative uses, apart from obvious.

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One bedroom with very sparse and elegant, minimalist decor could not require a traditional night table, especially if bed is at a very low setting. In this case, a tray of action wicker bed as a nightstand contributes to theme of light and open space. Similarly, a row of wicker changing table tray can easily replace a coffee table in a minimalist lounge. Use of wicker trays to decorate your space this way would also allow a greater degree of mobility: You can move your “table” according to their whims.

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Baby Changing Table TraySize: 1000 x 1201

You can build shelves without any knowledge of construction or experience. Simply stacking changing table tray wicker bed on top of each other and add objects to shelves you created. Display framed paintings, statuettes, vases and ornaments. Reconfigure your shelves when and how you want, creating several short shelves or shelves in descending height. Flexibility of trays allows you to change them at any time.