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Folding outdoor dining table – What feel good about enjoying a meal outdoors! Now that spring is at its best, freshly bloomed and mild temperatures, eating in the garden is the perfect plan for the weekend. You can do it in your private garden, or in a city park, on the terrace, the balcony, on the porch, poolside, on the beach … the place so choose you, the environment puts nature.

Posted on April 6, 2019 Dining Table

Folding outdoor dining table is ideal for small outdoor space. A terrace with beautiful views has been the venue for this summer meal. Tablecloth marine inspiration is the basis of simple decor and white tones, the color is provided by the food and especially the background green and blue sea. Decorate the table with attention to detail and put on it everything you need so you do not have to get up to find anything, so nothing will interrupt the time.

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The exterior of this farmhouse is a real treat. The dining area is in the highest area, and do not lose connection with the environment used two resources. On the one hand, we have ignored the tablecloth, to give protagonist to this sturdy folding outdoor dining table wooden and the other table was dressed with small blue notes, the same color that has been used in the outer hall.