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Butcher block dining room table – Durability: Both soapstone countertops and butcher block dining room table can scratch with cutting and preparing food. You can remove the scratches with soft sandpaper. Soapstone is susceptible to scratches that can not be repaired. The counter will require replacement if broken stone. The soapstone countertops are highly resistant to heat, but the butcher block can damage the hot pots and pans. Fires and burns can damage the wood worktop, which may require replacement. Water and liquids can damage butcher block countertops, limiting the areas that can use the material. For example, do not install wood near the kitchen sink.

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Maintenance: You can wash your butcher block dining room table and soapstone counters with a mild detergent and water. You will need to oil the countertops to maintain the beauty of both materials at least once a month. Mineral oil works well for both materials counter. Avoid using vegetable oil on kitchen counters, because the oil becomes rancid.

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Cost: The biggest difference between the materials is cost. Soapstone has a higher than butcher block dining room table cost. You will have more flexibility to determine where to place the cover material when soapstone is used, however.