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Lucite coffee table – You can be sure that if you look long enough you can find any configuration for the coffee table, but one of the most popular new trend coffee table. This table adds to the elegant talent for the space they occupy. This table is a set of waterfalls acrylic colored simple elegance Office elaborately really works of art. Take for example, Vladimir Kagan knot wood and glass office. This beautiful table stands ¾ 15 inches high, and at a depth of 42 inch ¾. Wood and glass top setting above the legs is a nice piece of art to be practical.

Posted on April 3, 2019 Coffee Table

If your décor a little more relaxed, you’re probably more in the market for a lucite coffee table called Lily pad. This table contains the beautiful Lily pad on top form put out. It was inscribed the rest, vines and flowers. See a neat transition bright blue on top of this core Vortex certainly classical piece. Option in acrylic really never ends, for nature lovers, there’s a whole range of wildlife sculpture tables that will surprise you.

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Lucite Coffee TableSize: 1024 x 720

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Lucite Coffee Table BaseSize: 1024 x 730

Base the beautiful sculptures look like a glacier; it seems easy to float above a metal statue Eagle ready to seize its prey. The part that is really surprising. One of the beautiful parts that you can choose from lucite coffee table style in jewel tones with sloping edges that give the feel of the Octagon. This is one of the table that you want to bring home. And it’s not just beautiful blue color transparencies that captures your eye and your legs look as though they are small gems stacked one on another.