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Wood coffee table with metal legs – The table is one of the most commonly used household furniture. Obviously we need one in the dining room, on the terrace or patio, for homework and also in the kitchen, if a large space. There are many ways to build a table, which is shown in this table projects, and can be used for exterior or interior of the house.

Posted on March 31, 2019 Coffee Table

Wood coffee table with metal legs, the table measures approximately 1.55 meters build long x 80 cm wide and 78 cm high. The cover is made with joining tables through a wire, which allows joining the number of tables you want as planned to cover wide. And the legs are cross-shaped, joined together with a crossbeam.

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Wood coffee table with metal legs, all the pieces of 5×2 “mark the axis of their songs. This is done by dividing into 2 masters and singing songs of each table. Singing also mark the position of the holes. The first and third to 15 cm from the edges, and the center axis, ie to 77.5 cm from the edge. Crimping inn the table at work, ensuring that manufacturers are free to be bored. With the drill bit and drill holes 13 mm in all tables. To finish making drilling will be necessary to turn the table, since the drill will not reach to pass it at once.