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Modern dining tables – According to the website of American Glass Research, appropriate glass quality is based on the absence of inclusions or small stones during processing of the glass. , Hand-carved handmade, textured and colored glass designs are all variations of what can be asked, created and used in the home. A glass dining table provides functionality that is easy to clean and take care of maintaining a day and offer a stylish and sophisticated addition to any room design. Different thicknesses, depths and widths available for purchase. Be sure to inspect your glass table for clarity before buying.

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Modern dining tables, rectangular glass dining room that can accommodate four to six people comfortably. The glass top supported by an “X” wood base contemporaneously placed in the form of art decor. The large glass cover functions as a stabilization tool, which extends beyond the base. Also to balance the appearance of the unit. The wooden base provides strength to support the upper thick. Clear glass and matte are available.

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Modern Dining Tables SetSize: 1011 x 600

Viva modern dining tables combine a modern look with the functionality of a heavy glass table. Its rectangular shape comfortably seats 4-6 people. It consists of three basic elements: a top, size 71 inches wide and 39 inches in diameter and two structures of the base unit, both also composed entirely of the same sturdy glass half inches and measuring 29 inches in height. The core parts are bent at an angle of 90 degrees and can be arranged pointing in or out.