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Wicker patio coffee table – In interior design, as in fashion, accessories become key element for a unique and personal home. But of all rooms, lounge is definitely busiest corner breathing, articulating as nerve center of house. So today we want to share ideas of wicker tables of coffee only able to give that special and different touch.

Posted on March 28, 2019 Coffee Table

Coffee tables occupy a privileged place, around which daily life between visits from friends, family, neighbors … is orchestra and not forget those ratitos relaxing on couch we both enjoyed. A focal point capable of conditioning rest of decor of room. Looking for inspiration beyond conventional, we find this wicker patio coffee table that emulates a perfect half sphere. Solid, functional and easy to cut, it is ideal in this room vintage hippie aesthetic where color lies with textile accessories. A safe bet that we love.

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For nature lovers, we bring a wicker patio coffee table of modern design that hides a small grove inside. A bit of Central Park miniature invokes disconnect between pages of a good book. Its lower cavity becomes a makeshift space to organize magazines or hide anything. Something more daring is idea of integrating a plant on table itself, which is to create a space to act as a planter. A curious detail with a truly beautiful finish. Just take a look at lemon tree of this Scandinavian room to realize that originality is not incompatible with good taste.