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A leather coffee table can be a stylish modern piece. Regardless of your style, is an elegant piece that adds a touch of class and distinction to your interior. However, the machine will give you the burden of protecting the skin from the sharp corners of books, drinks and other items and scratches. Instead of sending everyone in your household ever used or touch leather coffee table, covering it with a clear vinyl cover home that allows both use and protect the aesthetic value of your table.

Posted on March 28, 2019 Coffee Table

Measure the length of the coffee table. Enter your total number of length. Measure the width of the coffee table. Enter your total amount of the width. Dust from the surface of the coffee table, freeing it from various wastes. Cut a piece of clear vinyl exact dimensions you wrote. Put it in the exact center of the leather coffee table. Fold the vinyl around each side of the coffee table, as if wrapping a package.

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Pin fold down each created with a suitable amount of pins, pin spacing out every 3 inches along each fold. Adjust the vinyl if necessary. Remove each pin, one by one, replacing it with a dot of hot glue. Press the folds.