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Changing table topper – In all kindergarten is a changing table a useful piece of furniture that keeps a baby safe and secure while being changed. However, it will be inevitable bound to happen. The time will come when your baby’s changing table will be too dirty out cleaning, which you would have to replace Topper. There are several places where you can buy your changing table topper. The first place to look, of course, would be the store where you originally purchased the changing table. You can also check with the manufacturer of your baby table if they sell toppers separately. If they have their own website, as Topper could be listed as a separately sold accessory. But chances are that baby-changing tables come as a set, and manufacturers do not sell Topper separately. If this is the case, then you would need to buy an aftermarket replacement.

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How to find a changing table topper.  Size and fit. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a replacement topper to your baby’s changing table. Size and fit. Remember that the first concern when you use a changing table is your child’s safety. Topper be held securely in place, and the child must be tightened down so he would not fall if he cries and writhes while being changed. Be sure to measure the dimensions (length and width) of your original Topper and notes any special hooks or attachments, so you can easily fit the new topper instead of the old. Material. The best material for changing table would involve something that can be easily washed. For the child’s comfort, choose a table topper that is soft but firm enough so that your baby does not roll and fall off.

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Disposable toppers. Aside from ordering a table topper from the manufacturer, you have other options. For example, you can use disposable changing table toppers. These are like the changing mats; even disposable toppers can be discarded after first use. These are securely attached to the changing table using Velcro.