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Glass Breakfast Table – The details with which we decorate the table, shall be able to customize the most of the decor, even up to create those breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners are themed in keeping with the occasion, either for ourselves or when we have visitors. For there are events like birthdays, holidays, celebrations of wedding anniversaries, wedding event or wedding engagement, to farewells to put a table with special decorations.

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– Pastel colors are the most gain prominence, when to put a glass breakfast table cloth for special events, in which you can find a pleasant, sweet, harmonious, air pleasing to the eye. – Fresh flowers usually provide elegance, delicacy, finesse and color to the centerpieces. Another option is the candlesticks or plates or glass ornaments in the form of semi spheres to place flowers and small candles color. A chic color is blue, the gold, the silver, pink and violet. – Dishes for breakfast or snack to go placing small dishes or trays with different sweet and savory. At breakfast or snack, we have a small dish where they serve on the side: cake, cupcakes, toast with sweet or a small sandwich on glass breakfast table. Beside our cup and saucer and spoon.