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Tables picnic commonly found in parks across the country. They come in a variety of materials ranging from plastic and wood steel and concrete. Although the materials are often different, many specifications are similar for most diy picnic table. There are some minor variations. The seat height is as important as the overall height because it determines the amount of space available between the table legs and seat. The common point for diy picnic table seats are about 18 (46 cm) or 19 inches (48 cm) above the floor. This leaves a gap of approximately 11 (28 cm) to 13 inches (33 cm) between the table and seat.

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The seat width is typically about one foot (30 cm) wide. Seat length differs, based on specific picnic table. Most tables picnic match the length of the seat usually 6 (183 cm) or 8 feet (244 cm). The width of the diy picnic table is usually about 28 (71 cm) to 30 (76 cm) inches. The length is usually the same as the seats. Common lengths are picnic tables or 6 (183 cm) to 8 feet (244 cm). The tables that accommodate wheelchairs have the length of the table on two feet longer than the seats to allow wheelchair fit the end of the table.

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