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Round wood coffee table – Up-cycle of a kitchen table pedestal by transforming the piece into a chic coffee table last for years to come. Although this can be a quick project, take the time to work through each step carefully to maintain the integrity of the piece. Table 1 Turn on top. Locate all screws and brackets connecting the table to the pedestal base for round wood coffee table. Remove the bolts, screws or hooks to remove the upper bracket. Be careful to avoid removing the screws, as you will need to reattach the top at a later time. Put all small items removed in a plastic bag to prevent loss of parts.

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Measure the new desired height of the pedestal. Select the desired cutting line. Measure each side of the pedestal twice to avoid error. Cut the first side and turn the stand to make additional cuts. Sand the cutting area of the pedestal to create a seamless connection to the surface of the table. Place the base back into the tabletop upside down. Measuring distances to the edges of the base table centers. Locate the holes above connection on the underside of the round wood coffee table top as a guide. Finish the project by turning the table on its base and the verification of stability.

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