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Crystal table lamps – Although you can buy a crystal desk lamp, you can save a little money and customize your light by making your own. The results are well worth the effort. Gently rinse and dry rock salt crystal. The crystal should weigh 4-6 pounds for a large lamp that emits very bright. Larger crystals are easier to work with because they do not crack or split as easily.

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Select an end to be at the top of your crystal table lamps. Draw a line about 3 inches above the bottom of your crystal at the other end, hold the line as straight as possible. Put on goggles and face mask and gently push the crystal in your saw blade. This creates a flat base for your lamp. Secure your crystal up and down during your drill press. Slowly; this will take time, so be patient.

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Line your wooden lamp base with the flat underside of the crystal. The hole in the middle of the lamp base should be almost perfectly with the hole in the crystal. Again, work slowly so you do not snap a screw. Screw a chandelier bulb in the socket piece and slide the lamp through the hole in the lamp base so it fits inside the hollow center of your crystal. Now, set your crystal table lamps.

Repair Crystal Table Lamps

The crystal table lamps often fall or stop working for no apparent reason. Obviously, the reason there and does not take much effort to identify the root cause. This can be located on the switch in the plug, etc. Before you just throw the lamp, try to solve the problem and you can fix it serve much longer. Unplug the lamp and wait for the bulb to cool. Take it with your hands and adjust it a little.

Remove the bulb if the problem is not resolved and put a new one. If the problem persists, check the plug and see if the fuse has blown. Walk the crystal table lamps cord with your hand to see if it is damaged and also inspects the switch. Remove the screen and unscrew the bulb. Remove the outlet cover by pulling and turning in the opposite direction clockwise.

Hold the stripper and remove 2.54 cm of cable insulation off the base of the outlet. Connect the cables as they were before and place the new outlet cover. Screw a new bulb and plug the lamp again, to prove it. Use pliers to adjust the crystal table lamps harp deformed or buy a new one with the same shape and size.