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Wood slabs for table tops – The rapid loss of old growth forests that found a piece of wood that is large enough for solid table expensive, if not impossible. Most modern Carpenter chose a cheaper method of paste individual edge to edge boards to the top of a large table. When done correctly, the result is a subtle, apparently a piece of wood that will last for many years. The key to success in this operation makes the contact surfaces as flat as possible before glue.

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Join their wood slabs for table tops boards, edges, on a flat surface. Use a pencil to number slightly both sides together on each side of the bottom of the Board. Make the first two boards on the bench presses with two surface numbered outward. Distance between screws depending on the length of the plate. As a general rule the end of each Board should extend no more than 18 inches beyond the catok. The aim is that the seals are firmly aligned during the planning process.

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The second edges flat Board until flat. Periodically check by removing the catok, put the edges planned together and looking for loopholes. It ended when you can’t see the light between the edges planed anywhere along the Planning Board. Repeat the process with the planning board. One of the first couple of tables wood slabs for table tops that are planned will have the edge marked with the number 2.