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A lighted black vanity mirror on an extendable arm is a useful tool for anyone who uses cosmetics. Because these mirrors are tilted at various angles, they allow you to see what you are doing with greater clarity, which gives you a more accurate idea of ​​how much makeup to use since the colors look more natural. Although most makeup mirrors with wires must be installed by a licensed electrician, some models can be created by anyone familiar with home installations.

Posted on March 15, 2019 Vanity Mirror

Decide on which part of the wall you want to install the lighted black vanity mirror, and check that there is nothing behind the wall, such as plumbing, will interfere with the wiring. Select a type of fastener to fix the mirror wall bracket, such as wood screws or ceramic tile screws.

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Choose an electric octagonal box that can support up to 15 pounds. The black vanity mirror and the combined arm can be almost as heavy, and there is always a possibility that someone could hang a towel or other element on the arm, increasing the load.  Remove the back plate on the assembly by removing the screws or nuts that hold the plate back, then remove the inner plate in the same manner.