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Makeup vanity mirror – If you wish you could go through your morning beauty ritual sitting at a vintage vanity, you do not have to spend your days shed yards sales and antique stores. Instead, you can make your own vanity that looks authentic worn. All you need to transform your current vanity into a faux vintage man is a bit of hardware and a prone to destruction. With these, you will be able to knock down and build your once untouched vanity in a ridden, shabby chic dream.

Posted on March 14, 2019 Vanity Mirror

Build your own vintage makeup vanity mirror, look up your furniture. Use your originality to create hack, bows, cuts and scratches that naturally accumulate on wooden furniture over time. For example, whip your vanity with a chain, smack it with a hammer or scrape it with some old keys. Pay particular attention to the flat-top surface, corners and edges, which are the most likely places for natural wear and tear to occur.

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Coarse vanity with a power grinder. Your grinding need not be exact; Inexactness, in fact, is the key to giving it a tired look. Then for build your own vintage makeup vanity mirror, paint furniture. Again, you do not have to be exactly in your painting, especially because you will paint it when it dries. Do not worry about angles and twists.