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Lighting is often underestimated as a decoration feature. We take it for granted: turn on a switch, and its there. But lighting and especially vanity mirror with lights diy can make a big difference in the comfort, style and appearance of your bathroom. Why choose a bold lighting? The bathrooms are often underestimated to the point of being minimalist. Making bold lighting choices can turn a boring space into something visually interesting and with a lot of “wow” factor.

Posted on March 14, 2019 Vanity Lights

What constitutes “bold” is really a personal choice. It can be really bold, as in a strongly visual choice that draws attention, or subtly bold, as in lighting that highlights and supports other style elements of your space. Whatever your definition of bold, choosing a practical and elegant vanity mirror with lights diy is not that difficult. In fact, here are some bold lighting ideas that you can try in your own bathroom.

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A bold option could be something as simple as this retro desk lamp style accessory, or something a little more modern, like this toilet light with 3 bronze textured light bulbs. This type of vanity mirror with lights diy should be bright and directed downwards to avoid side shadows. You want your face to be fully illuminated, as if the sun were shining on it.