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Mirrored Vanity Tray – How many modern women know what a waste tray is? It sounds a bit scary by just putting a futile word into it. The name appeared centuries ago because they hold things that women use to look better. Thus, the rest of the community calls them in vain. Due to the invention of bathrooms and cabinets, these trays are used less and less.

Posted on March 14, 2019 Vanity Mirror

Modern women may not realize that the decorative tray that holds their perfume is called a tray of pride. In recent years it has become a stylish and decorative piece. They range from 12 inches to nearly 24 inches. This can be in the form of silver, gold, or painted designs. Some are metal, others are glass and the most common type of this item is the bottom of the mirror. If you’re looking for something more exclusive, there’s a gem version that involves real crystals, glass, emeralds or diamonds. This is included in a definite status symbol. In this case, mirrored vanity tray became the trend of modern women.

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A vanity tray is a great place to store your perfume bottle and turn it into decorative pieces all by itself. This is great for all the perfumes you get for Christmas or birthday gifts that are not at all attractive to you. If you cannot return it, turn it into bedroom art. If you have the bottom of the mirror then is sure to clean it at least weekly. The basic daily use and dust only make the stains and dirt enlarged by the mirror itself. That’s the article about mirrored vanity tray.