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Patio table bar height – the arrival of her second child was decisive to start looking for a new home. The apartment they lived in Sofia and David had style and was ideal, but not big enough. Since played change, they choose one with enough light and space for children. They immediately began searching for lower floors, thinking condition outside. Through a newspaper ad they found this house, although in his first visit, disappointed by deterioration. They had to do something more, this time accompanied by an architect friend, who realized, immediately, the potential of housing with a high ceiling and an almost square, easy to redistribute plant.

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A comprehensive reform ten months managed to extract the best from the housing and change radically. The first step, down the wall that separated the courtyard house and replaces it with a large glass facade, to take advantage of brightness, extraordinary, and gain visual depth by turning outer space into an extension of the interior. As we know about patio table bar height. The second otherwise organize your plant to be oriented towards the courtyard. Therefore, the new distribution divides the house into two halves, left, common areas, and to the right, the dormitories. Between the two, a volume occupied by the kitchen, designed with few meters with the idea of making life in the dining room and patio.

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As for the decor, it emphasizes the naturalness of the environment, the mix of vintage furniture and visual impact of some details, such as large-format photographs lounge and dining room such as patio table bar height. The ceiling height was shown to enhance undisputed light from the courtyard ally, but also to make the most of the space. It happened in the dining room with a large library design as, and in the master bedroom, where a loft projected L-shaped, to win a dressing room. Spectacular….