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Glass bedside table – Dress up your nightstand with funny accents or decorative ornaments. Choose lamps with strange shapes that look like flowers or mushrooms. Place dinosaur stickers on lampshade of his son and figures surrounding shade with small dinosaurs. You can also tape silk ivy vines and silk flowers along border and sides of your bedside. Wrap stems of silk flowers around knobs. Use other night table decorations such as glass bowls filled with rose petals, small chests, glass bottles, seashells and glass figurines.

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Glass bedside table as work especially well in bedrooms Forest theme that property, gardens or cartoon themed rooms. Find bedside tables that look like tree trunks or mushrooms, if you think about design of a room mystical forest. Flower shapes go well in Mariquita garden-theme room or a girl. Circular shaped colorful nightstands can also work well in a child’s room or guest bedroom.

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Glass Bedside TableSize: 951 x 1000

Tall Glass Bedside TableSize: 1000 x 1000

Glass bedside table decorate your child with color, ornaments or other decor that blends well with rest of room. Nightstands paint bright colors, if child’s room features colorful circus themes, rainbow or cartoons. You can paint nightstand a solid color such as yellow and then paint interior and exterior lime green drawers. A girl might like a light purple drawer’s bedside table with dark purple and white knobs. If you do not want to paint, decorate nightstand with stickers cartoon stickers or use glue to add embellishments like butterflies or ladybugs plastic drawer, sides of border and nightstand. Stick a pink tutu around a round table night that has no drawers and only holding a lamp at top.