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Floating Bathroom Vanity – A floating double vanity has two sinks. As the name suggests, it floats on the wall, with as much as a foot or two of space between the vanity and the bathroom floor. You can create a modern and attractive look with a double floating vanity that gives the illusion of more space while providing a very clean and modern look to the bathroom. Rough-in hot and cold water supply lines and drains in each of the sinks.

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The manufacturer’s instructions recommend a floor height for the supply lines and tubes and an exact distance between the centers of the tubes. Close the plaster wall in the fixing bolts and finish the seams with joint compound and paint to match your decor. Mark anchors on the wall with the location of the floating bathroom vanity stand by the manufacturer’s instructions, which will require a specific height and distance apart from the wall.

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Drill a pilot hole for the anchors. Place the floating bathroom vanity hole leveling the bracket over the first pilot hole and press the wall anchor through the hole in the bracket and into the hole in the wall. Lift the end of the clamp and press a second wall anchor through the leveling hole and then through the hole in the wall. Place a carpenter level on the top edge of the mounting bracket. Tighten the anchors on the wall so that the support is level.