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Bedroom Makeup Vanity – A bedroom vanity is a small table that is either free or recessed into the wall. It is usually used to apply makeup and will usually have enough room for a few toiletries and a mirror. If your bedroom vanity is looking a little worse for wear, instead of throwing it away, you can refinish and give the room a new life. This project can be done on a tight budget and usually takes less than a weekend to complete.

Posted on March 11, 2019 Bedroom Vanity

Remove any material from the bedroom makeup vanity. If the vanity has drawers, the drawer handles will have to be removed. Open the drawer and use a screwdriver to remove the handles. Place this material in a bag in a safe place to keep together. Sand the vanity. If the vanity has multiple layers of paint on it, you may need to use a heat gun or stripper to get down on the bare wood. Ideally, you will move the vanity of the room for this procedure.

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If the vanity is integrated, make sure all the windows in the room are open before you start. Use a medium grade sandpaper to remove the wood finish. For small detailed surfaces, use steel wool to get in the case of sandpaper cannot reach. Re-sand the room. Once all the finish is gone and you are down to the bare wood, go on the bedroom makeup vanity of a fine sandpaper grade.