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Formica table tops – His grandparents would faint if they saw dinette 1950 reproductions of today. The tables look the same, but $ 1,000 price tags could be enough to scare people with memories of a few hundred dollars to pay for your cookware in the 1950 course, tabletops symbolize Formica more food surfaces. In the 1950s, the dining tables were meccas for family decision-making, so besides being utilitarian, the board Formica table is quite high on the scale of nostalgia.

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Formica table tops patterns designed by the developers of early products include clothing and wood Formica, plus flashy graphics freeform resembles yellow, white, pink, red and turquoise amoeba floating through the black and white backgrounds. Housewives made with boards of Pompeii “” Glitter “,” cracked ice “and” yellow, red and silver. Formica did not ignore conservative housewives rush home in the company to gain market share: A complete line of tables matte finish in wonder, sea foam, flames and other muted colors sell well throughout the decade .

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Formica table tops hired a reputable company to push the envelope design further. Raymond Loewy Associates raised the color and pattern to by recoloring popular Skylark, Pearl patterns and flax and adding new exotic themes such as sunrise, Calypso Milano and a faux marble pink, gray, black and yellow was very popular by 1958.