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Round banquet tables – If the kitchen of an apartment is also the dining area specially designated, it could pose something of a challenge to the already cramped space. However, the problem can be solved creatively. One way to save space in the kitchen is the use of drop tables (which can be ignored by easily and quickly after eating), banquets, equipped with storage underneath, and small round table with two chairs that can be folded and hidden after use the corner.

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Another creative way to conserve space in the dining room of a round banquet tables is selecting chairs that do not have guns. Apart from the fact that armless chairs are narrower, they are also much easier to get in and out of the kitchen area where space is very tight.

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In terms of design and general aesthetics, the use of reflective surfaces throughout the kitchen can help both magnify and expand the space available, creating a wider and airy unit. Stainless steel is an especially useful component on the round banquet tables, including stainless steel counters and door inserts. Counters that are built in brushed stainless steel often have patterns that also reduce the appearance of scratches and other surface imperfections.

How to Build a Round Banquet Tables

Round banquet tables – Be it a wedding, a birthday party or just a family reunion, banquet tables are a staple of all large gatherings. They are perfectly aligned and seats eight to 10 people comfortably. However, renting them can be time consuming and buying ready-made tables can be expensive. With the construction of a simple table that can be covered with a tablecloth, you can save time and money.

Visit store an electrical parts distributor and buy two cable reels, which are round banquet table’s wooden cylinders that hold very long cable lengths. They need to be 29 inches wide and 25 inches in diameter. Purchase a sheet of 3/4-inch thick plywood those measures 6 feet long. Cut the sheet so that is 30 inches wide. Place the rolls 1 foot to form the basis of the table.

Use the four screws that are 2 inches long each to attach the plywood cable reels. The final round banquet tables will have 8-1 / 2-inch overhang on each side and 17 inches on each end. Cut four pieces of 3/4 inch molding to cover each of the four sides of the plywood. Two moldings will be 6 feet long, and the other two measured 30 inches long. Key to the edges of the plywood to prevent the raw edge of the tablecloth plywood engages. Cover the table with a floor length table cloth to hide banquet cable reels. If desired, basic plastic padding to the top of the table for easy cleaning.