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Our proposal for this season is contemporary glass dining table. This is a piece of furniture with personality that will become center of attention when our guests enter dining room. In addition, glass dining tables have many advantages

Posted on March 6, 2019 Dining Table

First of all, it is designer furniture elegant and sophisticated. A glass dining table is simple, but it is appealing to eye. In addition, glass reflects sunlight coming through windows, especially in summer, so a glass dining table brings light to whole room. Contemporary glass dining table is also very easy to clean and require little maintenance, so they are also ideal if you have small children in family. Another advantage of glass dining table is that we can find in extensible version so, if we have a small space in our dining room, we should not give up on a glass table design.

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At first glance it may seem that contemporary glass dining table has a large presence that can reach to overshadow rest of furniture and fixtures in dining room. However, if we choose chairs and other accessories properly it will not give us that feeling. A simple trick is to choose chairs in colors such as white or black. Thus, not deducted attention to dining table and get you a harmonious combination between furniture.