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Parts For Foldable Picnic Table – Parts for a foldable picnic table made of plastic, wood or aluminum, is folding picnic tables designed for comfort, functionality, durability and storage. A single folding picnic table / bench can serve as a bench or a table. However, it will look like half of a traditional picnic tables. Therefore / two folding picnic table benches are placed together in the table position to form a traditional picnic table. The basic elements of a picnic table is foldable seats and backs, table top, support arms and the arm, leg and hinge. In addition, there are tables supported pieces and decorative filling.

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The table top upright plate serves as a table at foldable picnic table. But when they are released from the locked and upright position and facing down, it serves as a bench seat back. Individual seats, the individual sites will be the same length as the back support/table tops. They will have a seat brace that runs along the seat and connects to the legs and a supportive seat end. The seat end also connects to both the front and rear legs. On top ends benches strap hinge braces to connect the sofa to the arms which support the table top/back support.

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Armrest on each end of the table/backrest, together with one perpendicular to foldable picnic table, provides the framework for the support system that connects the table top/seat back to the bench seat. Each folding picnic table has a pair of front legs and a pair of rear legs. The legs are connected to the bench seat (front and back). The full scope of the table/bench and give support to the bench.