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Octagon Picnic Table – It’s summer and you want to entertain your family and friends in your own backyard or patio with an octagon picnic table . The first cutting board will be for the frame. At 99 inches, marking a 2 by 4 on both sides to form a “V” using a 60 degree angle. The other two 2 by 4s should be marked at 48 1/2 inches. One side should be square and there should be an angle of 60 degrees on the other side.

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Octagon picnic table, cut four 2 per 4s to 49 1/8 inches, leaving a square of side and put a 60 degree angle at the other end. You’ll need a cut of 45 degrees so that when you look at the 2 by 4 from the top, it will look as if it has a point. Cut your square side that would measure 3/4 inch on both sides, then cut a 45-degree angle on both sides of the card. These cuts are to the lower frame of the picnic table.

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Octagon picnic table measures differ for the top: cut 2 by 4 to 64 inches and make a mark on both sides in a form of “V” with an angle of 60 degrees. Then cut a 2 with 4-31 inches with a square of side and with a 60-degree angle to the other side. A sloping cut of 45 degrees will be needed on the square side.