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Conferences or presentations. A podium speaker gives a stand for placing notes and other reference materials at a comfortable height to the speaker angle for easy reading.  A speaker of an average adult. Adjust table top podium the height of the podium face and sides to make the changes you need. Cut the pieces of plywood podium grade ¾ inch cabinet. Cut a piece of 18 inches wide and 20 inches long. Dial a These are the sides of the podium. Cut the remaining pieces: a 24 ¾ x10 (The front podium),

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A 24 x26 (the podium top) and an 18 ½ x22 (The podium base). Circular set at an angle of 25 degrees and cut a short edge of the 24 ¾ x10 piece to create a bevel of 25 degrees or your table saw. This is the front podium. The angular table top podium edge coincides with the side pieces, allowing the top of the podium to sit evenly. Mark the two side panels and the front podium 3/4 square inch of their lower edges. Use a framing square to mark all the way through the parts, making sure that the marks is on the inside of the parts.

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These marks outlined in the installed base that podium. Glue and nail the two side pieces to the front podium. Run a bead of wood glue along the edge 10 inches on each side panel. He puts them flush with the edges table top podium of the front podium, podium with front overlapping them. Ensure that the short side of the angled edge on the front podium facing the sides of the podium. Use a nail gun, small caliber air mailer powered by a compressor, nailing the pieces together.