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Art Deco Coffee Table – A rustic room includes minimal ornamentation and natural wood materials, incorporating simplicity with natural elements to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Recycle old architectural supplies to create a rustic coffee table for your home. Projects coffee table handmade can only require the addition of media to an existing structure.

Posted on February 4, 2019 Coffee Table

Wood Distressed

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Making a handmade, art deco coffee table pine, cherry or oak 10 inches wide that are 2 inches thick, cut to the desired length of the coffee table. Hit the tables with different size chains, different hammer heads, plates and other metal objects anguish them and make them look old. Wood stain with a non-glossy dark spot. Place the boards with brackets at the bottom of the tables to complete the board coffee table. Anguish and attach wood strips 2 square inches to feet rustic coffee table.

Old Window

Place a wood strip 2 square to each corner of an old to create an art deco coffee table hand-inch window. Cut the wood strips of the same length, and then glue them to the old window with construction adhesive waterproof. Old windows are available in salvage yards, thrift stores and garage sales; if the finish is peeling, chipping or discolored that will add to the rustic appeal of the coffee table.