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White lacquer table provides excellent protection for many different types of wood inside. If you are trying to protect mahogany at home, you can apply white lacquer to help protect the wood and make sure that it will last longer as a result. Clean the surface of the mahogany with a dry cloth. Dampen the cloth and add dish soap, if necessary. Rub down the surface and remove any grease, oil and rust mahogany until it is completely clean.

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Dry the area with a clean cloth. Open a bucket of white lacquer table and stir up the paint with a paint stir stick. Pour a small amount of white lacquer tray and dip a paint roller tray. The roller size needed will vary depending on the size of the area you are applying the lacquer.

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Roll the paint with a roller, starting in one corner of mahogany and working toward the other. Move from side to side, and add more spray roller when necessary. Dip a brush into the paint and apply with a brush on hard to reach surfaces white lacquer table. Let dry for at least an hour and apply a second coat in the same exact way. Allow the second coat to dry overnight before allowing anything to touch or sit mahogany.