Glass Ball Table Lamp Ideas Plan

Jul 21st

Glass ball table lamp – Light is an important design resource for all things that can be obtained from this. Set stylish environments, feelings, change of decoration in the same space. But the importance is not only decorative, but also functional and depending on the intensity we can perform better or worse activities, household all in this case.

Unique Glass Ball Table Lamp
Unique Glass Ball Table Lamp

The glass ball table lamp becomes indispensable for types of soft and warm lighting for certain areas of the home. They are functional as they allow reading or used for certain specific tasks. The lampshade can take various forms, but are classified according to how let light through, depending on the opening angle and opacity of the screen in some cases. When the surface covering the issuer is opaque and let less of this. If on the contrary decreases opacity and then lighting increase will be less focused.

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If you are looking glass ball table lamp for decoration of the living room, you should look for designs that provide warmth, with semi opaque fabric screens will give this effect and will be useful for casual no annoying reflections on the TV screen. If you place yourself on the side of the table’s chairs and sofas, you must ensure that the bottom of the lampshade is not above the level of your eyes. If you pretend to use for reading, make sure the bulb is at least 60 Watts of power.

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Turn an Old Lantern in a Glass Ball Table Lamp

Glass ball table lamp – Antique oil lamps are an attractive addition to any interior. Why not go with the old lantern in this century by transforming it into an electric table lamp? It will not only look good, but it will also become a highly functional source of light. You may even have several matching lamps that you can convert to customize your home with an old-fashioned feel.

How to turn an old lantern in a glass ball table lamp? First, clean up the old lamp. Be sure to clean any excess fuel from the fuel tank. Rinse with water and dry. Remove the glass ball. Carefully remove the wick assembly. Check that the hole left from the wick assembly is large enough for the light bulb. If it is not, make it a little bigger with a dull knife or drill.

Drill or knife, make a hole in the fuel tank for the last wire to poke through. Pull the string to the top where the light bulb will be placed to glass ball table lamp. Attach the wire to the wires on the plinth. Attach the connector to the other end of the cord. Screw in the light bulb, connect the lamp to a power outlet, and let there be light!

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