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Antique dining table” is those dining tables collected old. This is dining tables that were used for centuries but have remained to date. Some of these tables are so uncomfortable and cumbersome unlike the prevailing fashion today. They are relatively heavy and large. The top of the tables were forest products, i.e. tables that were made to rest on easels. Antique dining table that is home to France was found during the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The most popular and oldest of the old French tables are refectory tables that existed in the sixteenth century.

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Other factors that contributed to its popularity are its robust design and deep physical nature. Oak, walnut or mahogany hardwood is usually the raw material for these tables. They were mainly designed to match the old wooden doors in French households.

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Comparatively, the trestle tables are smaller variety of the refectory tables and able to accommodate up to four to six people. In recent days, “most antique dining table” is being marketed not for its beauty, attractiveness or indispensable, but because of its impressive features and values. In some cases, their prices are relatively high compared to those in vogue today. More conservative families prefer to keep as a precious heritage.