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Distressed wood dining table – When you move into your new home, you will want your dining room to reflect your decorative preferences in terms of color and design. Dining tables and chairs can indicate your fresh, modern taste with discreet colors – or serve as an ode to your classic or antique style and show rich shades in the dining room.

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Victorian style distressed wood dining table feature rich colors such as burgundy, royal blue, bronze, charcoal gray and aborigine. The table is often large and made of dark wood, complete with ornate floral or wines like cutouts on the side and leg. It is also appropriate to have a large table painted off-white, or a metallic shade like gold or bronze for a dining room decorated with Victorian accents. The head chairs look like small thrones, and can have a seat cushion in Bordeaux or a deep shade of purple. Additional accents like velvet curtains in deep shades of red or blue, will add to the authenticity of the device system.

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A distressed wood dining table with a gold or silver table runner, along with wooden chairs with decorative floral carvings on the legs, will give the dining room attractive antique style. Antique tables are often oval and have a podium-like structure in the middle to the supporting table, instead of the legs. The chairs may also have pillows in a bright yellow or cream shadow; some antique pillows are embroidered with small flower bouquets, or you can get your family monogram added to the seats. A floral area rug under the table and chairs will give the dining area a more authentic antique feel; you can add sepia or black and white photos of family and friends to a side wall to complete the decor.